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Antibacterial pen with zinc ions
Cod: 5762792
€1 + TVA
Stoc intern: 1000 buc.
Termen de livrare: imediata

Ai nevoie de un promotional custom made, care sa fie personalizat cu mesajul sau brandul tau in cele mai mici detalii?

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Pens are one of the worst culprits for spreading germs. The Iprotect prevents spreading bacteria from hand to hand. It's the promotional pen for companies in the medical and paramedical industry, and it's also perfect for schools, public places, hospitals and bars.
Antimicrobial additives provide an extra layer of protection when combined with normal cleaning procedures.

Why to buy iPROTECT antibacterial pen with zinc ions:

- iPROTECT has effectiveness against the 99% of bacteria, i.e. Escherichia Coli and Staphylococcus Aureus
- The antibacterial additive is used in the production cycle during the moulding and its efficacy lasts as long as the pen itself.
- The same antibacterial additive is used all over the world with several applications, i.e. films, foams, fibres, tapes, coatings, paper, adhesives and wet paints, etc.
- iPROTECT is not dangerous for the skin, even for the more sensitive ones.
- iPROTECT characteristics render it a promotional product particularly suitable for the medical and pharmaceutical fields.
- It is not a surface treatment, the iPROTECT antibacterial action is water, scratch and UV proof.
- The antibacterial function of iPROTECT pen has been certified the Public Health and Microbiology Department of the University of Turin and by LEBSC Chemistry Department of the University of Bologna.
- iPROTECT has achieved the very demanding Standards required by the ISO 22196 (JIS Z 2801).

Type: retractable pen
Model: White barrel, coloured cap-clip. Made from ABS plastic, a high quality material with excellent technical properties, scratch and shock resistant, with integrated anti-bacterial properties.
Ink: blue - Dokumental ISO 12757-2 (black/red/green ink on demand).

Minimum quantity: 1000 pcs.
Te rugam sa ne contactezi pentru a afla metoda ideala de personalizare.

Modalitati de plata:
- prin OP, fila CEC sau BO avalizat;
- cu cardul online;
- ramburs (pentru comenzi mai mici de 5000 lei - TVA inclus);
- numerar sau cu cardul la sediu.

Modalitati de livrare:
- ridicare de la sediu (detalii contact);
- livrare Today Advertising sau prin curier in Bucuresti (gratuit);
- livrare in tara (te rugam solicita costul unui consultant - detalii contact).

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