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The Pen with Super Personality - Everyone will ask about it

The plastic pen was invented in 1924. Over the years, companies have realized that they can use it as support for their messages. And it is easy to see why that happen: it's a product with a good price, easy to customize and that users use without discrimination, no matter who they are, how much they earn or what their preferences are. Which means that your message gets to be seen many times, in many environments. But precisely because it is so accessible, many companies prefer the promotional pen. What is the risk then? You could be using the same promo as any other company out there. That means your message is hardly going to stand out. Think of it like this: when you are in a room with a lot of people, if everyone's screaming ... you will never make yourself heard. So how do you get everyone's attention then?

Every year, billions of promotional pens are created worldwide.

As you read this, most certainly in our workshop, our colleagues are working or preparing a new series of pens to print.

Most of the pens that go through our hand, end up carrying a message inscribed in the color of a brand ... or they have an engraving with a specific message.

One day we can print plastic pens. The next one we could work with pens made of metal, cork, bamboo or rose wood. And you can be sure that for each of the orders that leave the workshop we work to bring out the WOW factor, which will highlight the promotional campaign.

But the days when we have the opportunity to create the Pen with Super Personality is a happy day for everyone.

What pen are we talking about, you may ask?

That pen that can be 100% customized and which communicates perfectly who your brand is or what message you promote.
This pen is created from scratch just for you. That means you get to decide:

THE COLOR - we will use your preferred color for clips, the body of the pen or the type of ink
THE CLIP - here is where the magic begins, because you can choose the most creative forms for the clip and turn the promotional pen into a "showstopper"
THEME - select the general theme and we will translate it into every detail

Here at Today Advertising we thing examples speak for themselves so here are 4, which will show you that when it comes to the Super Pen, anything is possible:

1. The pen that screams: I'm lovin it

Whether you love fast food or not ... here is a pen that you will want to keep, regardless of your preference. Each detail transmits the brand perfectly, from the clip in the form of the Happy Meal to the bright red of the body, combined with the yellow accessories.

2. The pen that translates the love for coffee

This is another good example that creativity has no boundaries when it comes to this pen. The imagery here is completed by personalized clips with one of the most popular drinks in the brand range and a printed body with a sensory image, which instantly stimulates your senses and makes you crave the next coffee.